Study Academy Vienna organises Summer School Camp, IB Preparation Courses and Teacher Training Seminars.

Throughout the year we also offer the opportunity for individual students to apply for one on one tutoring for any length of time and studying any subjects they wish. They will be provided with meals, tutors and accommodation if needed. We also offer an online tutoring for any desired IBDP subject.

Study Academy Vienna provides professional guidance for students as they enjoy their time in Vienna along with simultaneously developing their knowledge and learning skills.  One key to our success is a truly dedicated and energetic faculty with broad experience and passion for the subjects they teach.

Students come to pursue subjects and experience living in a foreign country indulging their love of another culture. Regardless of the motivation, all students experience the highest quality of teaching, as well as multiple opportunities to relax during exciting sport activities. Students will learn in one of the Vienna’s beautiful districts located near Vienna woods and during trips downtown or outside of Vienna. Classes consist of small groups and there is time set aside for individual tutoring.

In addition, extensive sport activities led by professional coaches are offered. Study Academy Vienna succeeds in allowing students to build their communication, language and teamwork skills regardless of the classes they take. Subsequently, students are encouraged to be active to support a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and to promote a productive learning environment.

The excitement of staying in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, allows students and teachers from all over the globe to make friends for life, as they experience a charming culture in a safe and friendly environment. Students and teachers will never be bored at the Study Academy Vienna.

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