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Mag. Mila Alexandrov

Academic Director and Founder

As an enthusiastic and dynamic educator deeply invested in fostering students' intellectual and social development, I actively participate in various educational aspects. This includes curriculum and pastoral enhancement, tracking student advancement, and contributing wholeheartedly to extracurricular programs.

With a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching Biology and Chemistry, I have accumulated over 25 years of teaching experience in Biology, ESS, and General Science at the Secondary level. Throughout my extensive teaching career at International Schools across various countries such as Malta, the Bahamas, the Netherlands, and Austria, I finally decided to open Study Academy Vienna to support students during their challenging journey in the IB world and to become one of the leading and highly appreciated organizations by International parents, schools, and students.

I have held roles as Head of a Science Department, School Year Leader, and Activities Coordinator. My Certificate in International Leadership, focusing on Curriculum Leadership, Effective School Administration, Instructional Supervision and Evaluation, as well as Leadership and Group Dynamics, has strengthened my commitment to nurturing students' enthusiasm and fostering their interest in learning. Furthermore, I bring valuable expertise as an IB Examiner, having previously worked at Stanford University IBDP Courses. My background also includes extensive experience in supporting ESL learners and students with special needs.

Proficient in Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian.

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Mag. Alex Alexandrov

Sports Director and Co-Founder

I am a highly experienced sports IB educator and personal trainer, enthusiastic about helping students engage in various sporting activities. My Bachelor's degree in education and Master’s degree in Sports Science provide me with comprehensive insight into the specific needs of athletes at every level. Additionally, I am a professional Volleyball coach and National Tae Kwon Do Champion, a certified personal trainer through ACE (the American Council of Exercise), and have represented the country at the Olympic Academy in Olympia. I hold certifications in kickboxing, bodybuilding, self-defense, health and nutritional supplements, sports injuries, massage therapy and sports recovery. I have been recognized as one of Vienna's leading fitness trainers, having conducted numerous team-building seminars for youth athletes and fitness businesses across different nations.

Furthermore, I have successfully designed and equipped fitness centers in the US, Austria, Bahamas, and the UK, suitable for both adults and younger generations. These experiences have provided insights into engaging young people in activities while prioritizing their safety and enjoyment.

Proficient in Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian.

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Pastoral Care and Faculty Team

All teachers, staff, and pastoral care professionals are dedicated to ensuring that students have a comfortable experience at Study Academy Vienna. With extensive experience and qualifications, they maintain a professional yet enjoyable relationship with students, providing support throughout their time with us. Each teacher has a minimum of 15 years of experience in teaching IB Diploma students, and some have authored IB textbooks used in numerous international schools. The exceptional and outstanding feedback received from students and parents about our faculty team is a testament to their excellence.


Welcome to Study Academy Vienna! Join us for a journey of best knowledge, experiences, and energy, preparing you for the world ahead!

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