Real Stories, Real Success: Testimonials from Our IB Students

“The time I spent on the course was extremely productive. I took the Math HL revision course and we covered the whole syllabus with the teacher and solved many tricky and interesting problems. We also used many useful techniques on how to approach our final exam. We had our classes in very quiet and beautiful rooms-it was definitely an ideal environment to study. I have to admit that after the intense three day course I feel a lot more confident about going in to my finals and the goal of achieving my 7 in Math seems much more realistic. I definitely encourage students who want to improve their scores in finals to sign up for this course.” Wojtek

Wojtek (Poland)

“Thank you Ms Alex for creating something like this for us in Austria. The place was like being in a fairy-tale in a learning environment I have never had before in any of the other courses I have been to ” Lucas

Lucas (Austria)

Mila! I just wanted to say I'm at the gate and waiting to board on the plane. I've had so much fun, I can't believe I've only known you for 2 weeks...You're my second mama you are the only adult I've met that literally is smiling 24/7 and you always have something to laugh about? thank-you x10000 for everything! For taking care of us, trusting us, for bringing us closer together (and making sure everyone was happy), for teaching me Biology in a way I actually enjoyed, for baking us muffins and teaching us how to Zumba... Barcelonaaa loves you.

Hana (Spain)

I believe that practice writing of past paper was really helpful in terms of gaining experience on how to approach exam questions during my English lessons. The recall of literary devices and poetry analysis was also helpful. We also went through my work in order to correct any mistakes. This was also extremely useful, as I do not get a chance to sit with a teacher and correct my mistakes that often in my school

Ilja (Russia)

English lessons were extremely useful for my extended essay with a good plan, advice, debates in class, general knowledge on specific arguments on poetry, lots of possible essay questions and great ability levels.

Rebecca (Argentina)

Studying psychology at the Study Academy Vienna has helped me to be able to evaluate my studies more clearly with more structure. I feel more confident in structuring my essays as well as fully understanding how to write a proper essay with valid studies. I’ve also got a better understanding of the cognitive level of analysis and the differences in research methods. I feel now well prepared to take the exam in Psychology. Thank you Study Academy Vienna

Hana (Switzerland)

Although I wasn’t here all the time I could really profit from analysing all the different texts we have read in English. For me was very helpful to go through the stories and discus them. I also learned some new words and terms. Presenting my book was also helpful since I have to do a presentation about it in the coming school year.

Fe (Austria)

“I never believed that I would have the chance to have lessons in such a historical castle, such a great place to stay and completely taken care of thank you so much! Awesome and fun learning experience; overall it was the best learning experience I have ever had”

Jona (Portugal)

“The Math classes overall taught me so much. In only three days we have covered so much topics with the teacher’s help. The teacher was very supportive and his explanations were very clear and helpful. To ask questions in class was very comfortable. He always had so many past papers and papers that were actually helpful. His teaching techniques were very good and he made everything easy to understand. Overall the course was so extremely helpful. “ Livia

Livia ( Mexico)

“Although I don’t like math, I enjoyed the course because my teacher helped me focus on my weaker areas. I also felt very comfortable in class asking questions since my teacher was always patient. Mr. Edward came prepared to class and gave us lots of useful photocopies. I found this really important because he would always have more practice problems for us and we learnt how to interpret the IB Math exam questions. The teacher was also extremely supportive and encouraging. I am no longer scared of taking IB MATH! Thank you!” Hanna

Hanna ( Chile)

“I really liked the content covered on the first day as we got an overview about what we had to do and what we should do in the future. The preparation of paper 1 was also helpful, because we got a lot of feedback. The lessons helped me build my confidence in German. A perfect organisation!!!” David

David ( Germany)

“This experience was a very special part of my Biology learning career. Having Mila as a teacher was probably the best part. She is organised, exact and most importantly, she makes you have a desire for what you learn. Sharing with only one or two people in your classroom brings an exact focus on you, which leads to full cooperation in the classroom. In theses three days, I have learned Biology where it would probably have taken me a few weeks in a school to get the same knowledge. I want to thank Mila for all her time and support, to make something like this happen! “ Beni

Beni (Austria)

“During my time here I felt very comfortable as everyone was very open and friendly. The preparation for the IB was very helpful and made me much more confidant. As classes were small everyone was able to get individual help and so many problems were solved due to this special attention. Never been so productive in two days! A great overview of the syllabus and an opportunity to highlight weaknesses and overcome them! Feeling so much more confident for my exams now. Thank you! ”Miriam

Miriam (Belgium)

“I really enjoyed this course. It allowed me to properly approach my exams. Being here really allows you to identify your weakness and tackle them.” Alexandra

Alexandra (Bulgaria)

“This course is so beneficial as you get to learn how to do the exam questions as well as the knowledge in order to maximize your score and get that 7 that you aim for! As the course is intensive, you get to learn the critical skills for each paper and key terminology. Chemistry was fun for the first time ever! We learnt so much, definitely worth going!” Jennifer


“ Dear Ms Alex, you have changed my life. Science in general used to be scary and boring before I met you. But when I met you, everything changed! I learnt that there is nothing to fear and it's a fun subject.” Laura

Laura (Italy)