It is a priority for our website to provide protection, safety, and security for your personal data, which will not be passed to any other companies or organizations. We take the privacy of our customers seriously, and we believe in the significance of personal integrity.

Our privacy policy will be updated consistently and it is your responsibility to check the updates frequently. Your continued use of the Study Academy Vienna website will be deliberated as an acceptance of the website guidelines, terms, and conditions.

The new European Union Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO-Datenschutzgrundverordnung und des Österreichischen Datenschutzgesetzes- DSG) is in pertinent effect since 25.5.2018 and standardizes data protection law in 28 European Union Countries.

Our website comprises of registration forms, including your name, date of birth, your country of nationality, telephone details, email addresses, nationality, school name, the subjects of choice, the emergency phone number of your guardian with the relevant relationship to you, and certain medical information. These are all necessary to provide well-organized and effective communication,  and part of Study Academy Vienna’s efforts to elevate your expectations prior to course attendance. The information from the registration forms will be kept private and will not be shared with any third party.

We are the sole trustworthy regulator for the processing of all the personal data you share with us while using our website or while interacting with us. Your personal shared information will not be passed via emails or phone conversations, and the cookies we use will be used to the slightest magnitude and kept to a minimum.

In order to enable you to feel protected and secure whilst using our services and website, the Study Academy Vienna ensures that:

  1. The acknowledged personal information received from you through our website, email correspondence or during phone conversations is pertinent and sufficient.
  2. Your personal data is accurate, appropriate and sustained as long as necessary prior to the course/camp organization.

The above points will comprise the following:

  1. The information we receive during interaction with us through our website, social media, subject course registration, email or phone discussion.
  2. The information we receive from you while asking for the course or individual subject details or contribution in a feedback questionnaire survey

For further requests, information, or to receive a questionnaire related to the modification, restriction, admittance or annulment of your personal data, please contact us (

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