Application and Deposit

Sending in both the application form and the deposit, specific to the Courses chosen and set out in the website, completes the application for a place at Study Academy Vienna. Once we have received both the application and the deposit, we shall e-mail you to either confirm or deny your acceptance. The deposit can only be fully refunded in the event that the application is not accepted.


Students may register for the  Courses at any time before the course begins. However, classes are popular and spaces may fill up quickly, so be sure to submit your deposit and application as soon as possible in order to secure your place.

deposit of €500 is required to be paid after the application form has been submitted and accepted. The balance of fees will be due two months before the course begins. If the student has registered within two months prior to the beginning of the course, then the full fee will be payable at once. The chosen method of payment: personal cheque or bank transfer. Please note that any charges incurred by the chosen method of payment must be borne by the applicant.

Bank Details: For security reasons, we have to refrain from publishing Study Academy Vienna Bank details online. Our Bank details will be communicated to you in our registration details as soon as your application is accepted and your placement is confirmed.

Student’s Agreement

All students attending Study Academy Vienna must agree to:

o    Attend and arrive punctually to all classes and activities he/she has signed up for.

o    Not leave campus at any point unless given the permission of the course director or a member of staff.

o    Obtain signed, written parental permission to leave campus in free time.

o    If allowed off campus from parents/guardians, students must sign themselves back into the campus by no later than 10:00 pm every night and remain in their rooms until morning.

o    Not enter areas designated to the opposite sex, including dormitories and bedrooms.

o    Behave courteously and respectfully to staff members, fellow students, and the general public.

o    Obtain signed, written parental permission to go swimming or ride a bike. Students must wear a bike helmet at all times when riding bicycles.

o    Obtain signed, written parental permission if you intend to take weekend leave from the campus for any reason or being collected to visit relatives or friends.

o    Behave responsibly at all times

o    Not use or be in possession of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.

o    Abide by Austrian law at all times


Student Misbehaviour

If the student attending the  Camp is found to have breached any of the rules in the Student’s Agreement that they hereby consign to, it will be reported immediately to their parent/guardian and could lead to their immediate dismissal from all courses. In this situation, no fees are refundable, and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for the alternative accommodation and travel arrangements or any other cost resulting from the removal of the student from the course.

Sports and Activities

By signing this agreement parents/guardians also agree to allow students off campus for all sports and activities planned by the staff. Parents/guardians understand that sometimes these activities carry inherent danger, for which the staff members are not responsible. It will also not be possible for a staff member to be supervising the students at all time.

Refunds & Cancellation

The parent/guardian must give notice via email or post two months prior to the course that their child will not be attending the Course at the Study Academy Vienna if they wish to cancel due to personal or medical reasons. Thus if a student decides to cancel the course for any reasons ( medical, emergency situation or personal) 8 weeks ( 2 months) before the course begins, the whole course sum is not refundable. The registration fee of 500€ is not refundable even if the whole sum of the course payment is submitted at once.  We also reserve the right to cancel a student’s place if the balance of fees has not been received by the payment date. In this situation, no refund of the deposit will be made.  If a notice of cancellation is given after the payment date then no refund can be made.

Under-subscribed and altered classes

Study Academy Vienna hereby reserves the right to cancel classes in the Camp should they be under-subscribed. In this situation, students will be given the opportunity to choose another class, enroll for one on one tutoring or have a full refund. One on one tutoring will, however, be at extra cost. We also reserve the right to alter courses should there be any unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. In this circumstance, the parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible and will be offered a full refund or an alternative course.

Medical Insurance and Injury

Students must have proof of medical coverage and insurance when arriving at the Camp in order to ensure your child is covered should any injury or illness occur. In the case of such an event, students will be fully cared for by their medical insurance, and may leave the course early should the illness or injury cause it. However, under these circumstances, no refunds will be available for the course. Students from Austria can use their E-card whilst those from within the EU may use their European Health Insurance Card to obtain medical care. Students from outside the EU must have private medical and dental insurance.

Study Academy Vienna takes no responsibility for any injury or event that occurs off campus, should they have written permission to leave campus in their free time.

In the event that medical treatment needs to be administered, the parent/ guardian hereby gives permission for their child to be given treatment if recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.

Dietary Requirements and Medication

Study Academy Vienna is not responsible for any harm to the students, e.g. allergic reactions, if specific dietary requirements have not been specified in the medical form submitted with the application.

Any students taking medication during the course must provide evidence of their medical prescription before the course begins. This can be emailed to us at or sent via post to the address given in our website.

Damage to property and injury of others

Parents/Guardians of the students are responsible for any damage to property or injury to others caused by the student. Study Academy Vienna is also not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of property suffered from the student or a third party.


During the students’ lunch break and during any available free time allotted, students could be allowed to leave the campus, but given permission will be needed of the course director or a member of staff.

Failure to present a signed and written letter from the parent/guardian stating that they give permission for their child to leave campus unsupervised in their free time will mean the student will not be allowed off campus save for sports activities or trips planned by the staff and included in the course. Parents/Guardians agree to this by signing the agreement and recognize that Study Academy Vienna is not responsible for the students when they choose to leave campus by themselves.

Photograph Permission

Photographs will be taken during the course of the students which may be used in the future for our website or in other media. No students will be identified by name and no other personal details will be published. If you do not wish for your child’s photos to be included in our media, please e-mail us at


Should any of the terms and conditions or rules reasonably imposed by the staff failed to be met by the parent, guardian or student, the parent/ guardian hereby indemnifies the Study Academy Vienna staff and directors, agreeing that they are by no means at fault.


Study Academy Vienna will provide transport between the airport and the campus on arrival and departure. Students are responsible for travel when in their free time.


I declare that the information given in this form is accurate and understand that my child’s place may be withdrawn if this information is false or inaccurate. I agree to the terms and conditions of acceptance and expectations of the programme that my child is enrolling into. I also understand that Study Academy Vienna reserves the right to withdraw a student should they fail to adhere to the student’s agreement section of the terms and conditions, or if they act in a way deemed inappropriate by the course staff. In this event immediate withdrawal is possible and no fees will be refunded under any circumstances.

I have read the terms and conditions carefully and agree.